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Have been remodeling our house this past year. Was down to last room which was my wife and I bedroom.

Upon removing bed, we noticed soft spot in floor. Upon investigating, I found white mold and rotten floor joist in that area. In 2017, I had a major water line bust under house. Approximately 35000 gallons of water ran under house before water dept noticed usage and informed my wife and I of this.

Had to remove vapor barrier because it became a mud bath under house. We fixed water line and did what we could to dry out. In 2019 our next project was to put new vapor barrier down and replace AC duct work with modern technology along with new unit. Our house is approximately 60 yrs old, but very well built.

Never had an issue underneath in our 15 yrs at this location. Due to the moisture from water leak that flooded underneath, over the next year, our issues began, unbeknown to us. House stays very warm underneath. So moisture was being drawn from damp ground and naturally with a house this age, wood is cured and very easily affected by such moisture.

Sadly I didn't catch in time, so now am having to tare out bedroom joist and flooring to address the issue. Upon contacting Erie and asking for agent, I was informed he was on a paid company cruise because they had won an award for selling most insurance in a company contest. Upon filing a claim, after explaining what caused the issue in first place, it took a week to get a appointment from adjustor, who was very incompetent from very beginning. Then on day he comes I get three identical letters in mail in separate envelops stating he would like to discuss our claim.

I thought wow, what a waste. I realized quickly he didn't give a rip except for figuring out how not to pay anything toward claim.Once on site, which lasted approximately 15 minutes, he begin to go into his spill that moisture damaged wasn't covered by insurance. My argument was I didn't have moisture problem till after the major water leak. Upon leaving on Wednesday, Matt Ladd (adjustor name) said he would be back in touch on Friday or Monday.

Well a week and half later I get a voicemail that said claim had been denied. I called back and left message, but naturally didn't and probably wont hear back from him. Its sad that these companies are allowed to take your money for insurance and yet can screw you when an issue happens that they should help customer with and basically you have no recourse. I will be changing companies in the new year.

I would highly recommend anyone looking at doing business with this company to do your research and especially the fine print before doing business with them. I for one certainly regret it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Erie Insurance Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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