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IMO, Our ERIE adjuster from the Bethlehem, PA office, was outright attempting to steal $5000, of the first few items of a $150k homeowner's claim after a water pipe burst while we were out of State. Had I not appealed his decisions, all that would have been lost. The home office is completely aware of my many complaints and did nothing. They are all complicit. WE ARE FURIOUS!

They denied us alternate housing when the house was uninhabitable. We stayed in the house for 14 weeks (sleeping on the floor the first two weeks) while it was being torn apart and rebuilt. Both our dogs died just 4 months later, possibly related to mold toxicity. That alone was devastating.

The Servepro company from Wilkes Barre sucked. They worked half days (because their bid of $25k wasn't enough money), and the house still had standing water after nine days and they hadn't touched the primary room that was flooded. They damaged the house, threw items on the roof, tossed my garbage can in the dumpster for spite and their electrician refused to finish the job, for starters. I invited the owner to come speak with me and he refused. Don't hire this company!

The second adjuster lied, lied, and lied. He changed the rules as we went along. You might not see the pattern of deceit until it's too late. Voice record EVERYTHING, don't take what they say as a truth until you check with someone. An attorney might not be a bad idea. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE FROM THAT COMPANY!

He denied our tub breakage, 3 weeks after renovations from the flood. The third time he said if we touched the tub (after he denied it twice) , it wouldn't be covered. Finally a forensic civil engineer was hired and found in our favor on the claim.

Now on our third adjuster, Erie still hasn't paid the total cost of the tub ($6675), nor any of the $150k personal property loss. We have had to borrow $15000 so far to try and get back on our feet.

Just months before this happened our agent told us we had the finest homeowerner's insurance money could buy. ***!

Not one of the three agents from the DJI Insurance office we've been paying into for 20+ years will answer any questions! That's over four months. No one from Erie had answered any questions. They are in violation of the PA Insurance Code, yet amazingly not held accountable.

We've been threatened by convoluted legal BS from a mysterious attorney. They sent their senior investigator, under the guise of being your best friend, trying to coerce an old woman with a traumatic brain injury to volunteer to an examination under oath, without council. Are you kidding me!

They have made our lives a living ***, on top of the chaos, mayerial losses and two dogs.

The one adjuster deserves to go to prison for theft. His supervisor as well. I can't imagine how much money these bastards have stolen from other consumers. These people are professional criminals, IMO!

Needless to say we will be taking our business elsewhere, asap.

Product or Service Mentioned: Erie Insurance Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Agreed - they have harrassed us and are treating us unfairly and trying to cheat us out of our claim at this time. Run the other way from ERIE!!


I feel your pain. I hate to recommend any other insurance company because overall they're largely lazy and dishonest, or is it overworked.

It's definitely a racket.

I left Erie to go with GEICO which insured me with Travelers for $75 less/yr. Good luck, and I hope you get things worked out as best as possible

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