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Update by user Nov 05, 2018

On October 3rd I got a call from Mitchell Insurance Agency and Corey, who told me that I would be getting contacted soon because my claim had been transferred. The next day I recieved a form letter from ERIE INSURANCE, with no signature, stating the processing of my claim remained open because they were waiting the Engineers report from Nederveld Engineering, which seems to be a direct lie; because Robert Thompson had told me 3 weeks earlier that he was mailing his findings and the engineer report.

He had also told my roofing adjustor that it had already been mailed when he called the next day. You can see from a photo of the ERIE letter that they say they are awaiting the engineers report (anyone ever heard or the internet and email?). Anyway, surprisingly I recieved a voicemail the next day from "Todd" with ERIE who informed me he was coming out to make an allowance for the claim based on "Mike" the head claims guy. He said Robert and Robert's supervisor were out.

This did not allow me time to contact my roofing adjustor to have him present. I responded and told aTodd in a text that he could come on out. Todd showed up in a couple hours even though he said he did not recieve my text. Looked around a bit from the ground and the roof.

Would not discuss the actual claim merits with me - said he was just there to get figures for Mike and give me a proper allowance. Todd said that "Mike" had bascially agreed with Robert and said the engineers report indicated the damage was older and not caused by the storm that I filed the claim on, but "Mike wanted to make me happy." Todd left and I was mulling over his visit when I reaslized he had not left me a business card with his last name nor "Mike" the head guys name or contact information. So I ended up contacting Todd again and he did give me his last name and phone number and Mike's full name and phone number. The following day I received an emailed copy of Todd's "proper adjustment" for my damages; and a few days later a hard-copy of the same report.

ERIE denies any damage from the storm still it appears, but "wants to make me happy," so they included a substantial check. However they said they would only replace the south facing side of the roof shingles, even though my roof has a moderate 8 in 12 pitch. Disregarding the fact that hail falls from thousands of feet up, pretty much negating such a moderate pitch, ERIE's findings insult my intelligence. They deny the aluminum siding has damages, because it is still functional.

Apparently appearance doesn't count with ERIE. I wondered what they would say if one of their vehicles had large hail strike it, denting it? Would they want their damaged parts replaced? After all, dented fenders and hoods are still functional!

If I have to, I may eventually accept this check, as it is for a substantial amount. But I will not accept it yet. Instead I am filing a complaint with the Ohio Department of Insurance regarding the claim and ERIE's business practices. The entire roof shingles should be replaced in this claim, at least that is my position.

As it is I might have to climb on my roof myself at 63 years of age to rip off and replace the shingles. ERIE's check will cover the materials, but I would have to do all the labor in order to have a full replacement.

So I guess my update should alert ALL consumers NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH ERIE unless you feel like doing all the labor yourself if your house gets damaged. Oh - and if they cover automobiles I'd pass also, considering that if your car suffers cosmetic damage but remains functional they'd probably balk at fixing it.

Original review posted by user Sep 25, 2018

Over two weeks ago I spoke on the telephone with your adjustor Robert Thompson regarding Erie claim A 0000 1096603. It appears Robert is telling me that Erie is denying finding any damage to my roof or siding as a result of a tornado-related wind and hail storm which occured earlier this year.

I am not happy, but in order to go further to fight this denial I first have to have the denial in hand. I asked Mr. Thompson to send me a hard-copy of his finding, decision, etc. I also asked for a hard-copy of Nederveld Engineering's report of their finding, which was an inspection ordered by Erie.

I also asked for the name andphone number of the supervisor higher than Mr. Thompson for complaint purposes. Mr. Thompsn said he would send them to me.

A contractor I am working with told me they also contacted Mr. Thomspon who told them he had mailed me a copy that same week. I have still not received anything. My neighbor has a video of the hailstorm and still photos which I plan to use as evidence of the storm.

I have also begun a social media campaign advising friends NOT to use Eire Insurance for their property coverage. Both of my immediate neighbors homes sustained documented damage from the storm and both have had their damages repaired. It is not looking good for Erie Insurance in the court of public opinion.

My next step with this claim is to contact the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio and the Ohio Department of Insurance. Steve Howard

Product or Service Mentioned: Erie Insurance Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Replace the damaged shingle-roof and aluminum siding which were dented in the storm..

Erie Insurance Pros: Agent, Mitchell insurance in grove city.

Erie Insurance Cons: Service and coverage nor the adjustor, That they denied my valid claim.

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